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Energy Healing
Naomi has been initiated into a Powerful Form of Meditative Medicine. It is a Lifelong process she looks forward to Expanding and Opening to You.

She works with Sweet and Gentle Energy and has the Capacity to Reach Deep Depths of The Psyche.


I am an EDUCATOR based in DUBLIN and offer blended sessions of TUTORING and also ENERGY THERAPY. Many times working with children and adults, we notice EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL blocks that - when alleviated - can reveal a POWERFUL STREAM of WRITING... just waiting to be ACKNOWLEDGED!

I see ACADEMIC Development as A SPIRITUAL COURSE of DEVELOPMENT.To MANAGE Life, Work and School…we need tools. When we hand our Life and Work over to 'SOMETHING BIGGER’... small things, little shifts through ENERGETIC KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS…. can REVEAL The Powerful WRITER WITHIN.When we feel a BLESSED TOUCH… The Moving Picture can SHIFT and we BECOME…Great! WE ARE ABLE. My Job is To help Us REMEMBER this as we Approach FOCUSED ACTIVITIES in EVERYDAY LIFE. WE ARE PRESENT IN LOVE AND AWARENESS.

I work with CHILDREN and ADULTS with SPECIAL NEEDS and also within MAINSTREAM CONTEXTS. We FACILITATE CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT for Children & Adults and Build ART Portfolios with Children  who are operating Beyond Mainstream Capacity; that is, we operate in Appropriate Intellectual, Social and Emotional Formats for UNIQIUE Students.


Moving for The Love of One


Music Album: 'Spirit'



"Naomi is lovely and has a beautiful healing energy around her. She has a gentle presence
and has a warm welcoming approach to her work"

- Client

My session with Naomi was very powerful. I could feel the energy going around my body, it
was very relaxing and my mind was blissfully drifting away. Afterwards I was very energised
and refreshed. Naomi is a beautiful, gentle soul and I would recommend her practice to
everyone as she certainly has the power to change lives for the better.

- Ewa


Kind-hearted, Wise and Magnificent...Debora has given me a Beautiful Testimonial:

Dear Naomi,

Our time together in the therapies was so healing and beautiful! Your energy is so welcoming and the awareness you have is out of this world.


Your communication is so open, gentle and caring. I felt so comfortable being with you! Such a great gift from the Universe to have you here in this dimension! Your intuition is beautiful and the way you flow with it, is just pure light, surrender and service to all beings in this planet. Many blessings, dear sister! And thank you!"

I love how Debora says Pure Light!!! Our Day together

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