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TERA MAI™ Akasha Seichem: NUHRA

TERA MAI™ Sakara


The Dublin Wellbeing Centre,

26 Frederick St S, Nassau St, Dublin 2, D02 PP79

Naomi Goodman is Master and Practitioner of the Ancient Art Hands on Healing. She is a Gifted Healer and Teacher of Tera Mai Reiki Initiations. As a Certified Reiki Practitioner, she is working with Angelic Guidance to guide and facilitate Healing. The Healing Energy is channelled and guided by golden elemental earth healing energy.

In 2014, Naomi began receiving Tera Mai™ Reiki Healing as a client of Jan Coll. Here, Naomi began to Attune to Level 1 of Reiki to Level 3. After Reiki III, a group of dedicated Masters would meet as a collective to gather the collective energies: releasing the old and clearing Space for the New.


We Cultivated an Understanding of the Importance of our Master Workshops; and, did not take part in these gatherings until we had attained Masters Level in our Reiki Certifications. A Master is one who can Pass on Initiations to New Students!

In 2016, Naomi was attuned to the Violet Flame, initiated into the Order of Melchizedek and also received a significant Yod Attunement.

During 2022, Naomi re-attuned to the Violet Flame with Aidan Storey and received an Attunement to the Energy of Aidan’s, ‘Healing Angels of Divine Soul Light’ (2022). During the same year, Naomi attuned to Rahanni Level 1 with Assumpta Hession on good counsel and advice from Melanie - and Paul - from Pathway Teaching, Galway, Ireland.

Naomi will attune to the energy of Rahanni II during Summer 2023. 

November 2022 saw a Miraculous coming together of Energies between Naomi and Geraldine Walsh of Dublin’s Holistic Hub of Healing, Magic and Adventurous Miracles: The Dublin Wellbeing Centre.

She booked in for Tera Mai™ Seichem with Patricia Loughlin and fulfilled her Clearing Period for Levels 1, 2 and 3. Naomi is Authorised to pass on Tera Mai™ Seichem Initiations.

Tera Mai™ Seichem introduces and reacquaints Teachers to the Elements of Sakara 1, Sophi-El, Reiki III and Angeliclight.

2023 saw Naomi re-attune to Golden Tera Mai™ Reiki 1, 2 and 3 with Katheleen Milner. Together, Naomi and Kathleen Cleared the Original Initiations.

During this year, Naomi has also received a magnificent attunement to the energies of Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem - see: Naomi’s entry for Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem Healing. Here you will find information as to why Marla Abrahms introduced ‘Akasha’ to Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem.

Naomi refers all activities to Kathleen Milner, who ensures the integrity of Tera Mai as a brand of Reiki. Kathleen Milner, as the owner of the Tera Mai trademark is currently clearing any alterations to any attunements that may have occurred since 2014.

Tera Mai ™ Sakara Gathering

About Tera Mai ™ Sakara Gathering

The Tera Mai Sakara Gathering and Cleanse is designed to foster a sense of Trust and Mastery over the spiritual aspect of elemental "Fire" as used in magic and healing.

We Accept the Value of ‘Fiery’ Emotions and work to transform acidic situations, emotions of bitterness and feelings of vengefulness.

In Sacred Conversing during Sakara Cleansing we call on Sacred Pyramids of Healing Light to Surround our Space. We call on Blessed Angels of the Highest and most Pure Light to guide the experience.

Our Lives are Cleansed via Healing Vortices of Golden Light. As we speak, the energy shifts. Time and Space becomes Fluid within Divine Protection and we learn to Choose Again.

Naomi is an experienced member of Kathleen Milner’s lineage and practice of Tera Mai Initiations, Blessings, Healings, Clearings and Visualisations. Naomi is calling out for Individuals to make themselves present for a Gathering of Soul-appropriate Collective Energies.

The Gathering of Souls ‘Holds Space’ for a Most Optimal Opportunity: Our Return to Divine Heritage via Learning and Healing Experiences.

Kathleen and Naomi have envisaged the powerful effect of vocal resonance in healing Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul. Releasing with Divine Intent facilitates Self-Forgiveness on a Soul Level.

BENEFITS OF Tera Mai ™ Sakara Gathering


Sacred Healing Spaces facilitate the expression and release of feelings, memories and sentiments that we may have buried or otherwise "banished".
SAKARA CLEANSING is verysimple and palatable to Everyday Usage.


To ‘get here’ we may require a Safe Space to explain and understand experiences - apparently menial - that "shake us" on a deep level.
We Harness Spiritualised Focus in our Material Lives!


We are learning in Sakara Cleanse to Speak with Sacred Intent.The use of ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’ elements helps to Balance Extremities of Emotions


Simply... Let Go. We learn to TRUST in the Power of the Divine Sakara Golden Pyramid as a Vehicle of Transmutation.Recognition of past mistakes allows for Conscious, Ethical and Golden Divine Release.

Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem: NUHRA


Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem: NUHRA - as evolved from Tera Mai™ Seichem - works with the additional element of Ether. Ether is the Fifth Element to Tera Mai™ Elemental Earth, Water and Air and Fire. Ether acts as a Magical Connector to bind Wishes and Dreams into Higher Thought Forms that are birthed to Reality.


Tera Mai™ Ether is only found in Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem. Tera Mai™ Elemental Earth, Water, Air are found in Tera Mai™ Reiki, Tera Mai™ Seichem, Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem and Tera Mai™ Sakara. Tera Mai™ Elemental Fire exists within Tera Mai™ Seichem, Akasha Seichem and Tera Mai™ Sakara. 

Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem serves to focus Higher Manifestations as Earth-bound Realisations.


NAOMI via TERA MAI™ Akasha Seichem NUHRA

NAOMI is Channeling Higher Thought via NUHRA SACRED SPEECH. In ENERGY and WORDS, NUHRA TONES permeate AURIC MEMORY to Carry The Soul Star to Divine Locations for REALISATION.


4 BENEFITS OF Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem: NUHRA



PINK NUHRA - COMPASSION and LOVE - from DIVINE GODDESS. Angels have begun weaving PINK NUHRA into Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem Healings. 

NURHA comes up from the Earth to clear the Earth Chakra, Sacral Chakra & Root Chakra.


RED NUHRA - PASSION and POWER - Intermingles and

BINDS with PINK NUHRA as patterns of Intricacy and Golden Healing.


Through the Naval Chakra - the central energy channel - Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, High Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra are RESTORED and ILLUMINATED.



When all the Chakras are cleared, the Soul Star Chakra and Crown Chakra open to receive amazing, beautiful, dazzling Light. Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem facilitates such Dazzling Clearings of said Channels.


MORE INFO: Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem

Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem is BINDING RED and PINK NUHRA as SACRED SPEECH that INITIATES the Channeling of NUHRA HEALING via SPOKEN WORD and Hands-on-Healing. SPEECH, during Healing, INITIATES the Sacred Vibration of Tera Mai™ AKASHA SEICHEM.

The symbol, AKASHA, was originally called Planetary Healing & Enlightenment. Akasha means Ether. In July 2015, Buddha added the 5th element, Ether, to Tera Mai™ Akasha Seichem . Ether binds the elements of earth, air, fire & water, and elevates the healing abilities of Tera-Mai™ Seichem.

The ESTABLISHMENT of this Channel allows for the Flow and Existence of Red and Pink Infusions that connect with SOUL DESIRE for EVOLUTION. During CHAKRA CLEANSING, the SOUL DREAM DESCENDS onto SACRED MOTHER EARTH for REALISATION.

RED and PINK INFUSIONS PERMEATE the SOUL STAR and may be FELT as a POWERFUL MAGNITUDE - HIGHLIGHTING, LIFTING and otherwise MAGNIFYING the Capacities of the SOUL for Lifetimes to Come. Clients who experience this Healing are Healing for a Lifetime.

All Healings are Recorded in the Client’s AKASHIC DIARY and the BOOK OF LIFE.


ETHER is operating to SEAL the AURA once REALISATION has OCCURRED. This can take… 1 second or Longer!


​MOTHER EARTH oversees all HEALINGS as Clients are asked to “Step Aside” for DIVINE INTERVENTION across TIME + SPACE.


PRESSURE around the CROWN is felt as ANGELS hold in Position the Locations to be ‘Worked On’ by Divine Messengers of GOD.



Angelic Healing creates an Avenue of Connection between one person and their ‘God Source’ - or, simply: Source. Angelic Healing is a way of allowing Angels to assist in re-building our Connection to God. The Angels do not teach us anything new. They help us to Remember why we chose the Life we chose!

Conversation guides the session.

Source is the place of our Angelic Origins and together, we can re-member Life Contracts made at Birth. A lot can happen through conversation - especially when the conversation is given permission to take place in an Angelic Field of Our Choosing!

As we talk, the aura of each participant: healer, clients, ancestral guides, passed loved ones and higher beings of the Light, will activate to create an atmosphere and spirit of… Remembrance!

We honour all the angels and bless all humans who facilitate our healing.





to Source


Activating ‘Brain Power’ as we AWAKEN!



Who We Are!

Remembering... how to Heal and Guide others…








Join Our Star of Rahanni Healing......

Feels Fluffy to me 🙂

(Praying...the hand positions...fingers to fingers...balance the will be Guided....)

"....magnets of Pure Crystal Light Surround me now....attracting blessings and magnified energy of Rahanni Celestial manmade mental-construct can 'block' or obscure this energy...I am a Pure Portal of Divine Light..... 🪄


"Gifts and blessings of Rahanni Light OPEN, morph and alter according to Humanity's Highest wishes..we are a group of Inter-dimensional Loving beings.....we prioritise Love....

Time is...soft fluid.......distance purifies to cleansing water as we enter a unified field of Divine Love...use your Imagination...the Angels ask you to take Creative Authority over your own healing and to become a healer.....a healer is anyone sending positive wishes to Humanity at this time......we love you dearly!


Feel the love pouring down your Heart Channel!!!! Pink Portal running through my (Naomi's) sternum and tears of joy can cleanse the body.........we will continue....

....being mirrored...and magnified.........intensifying to the 21st Trillionth Power......see this Diamond being placed in your Soul...  💠

...Divine Grids of Holy Golden Light Protection are assembled and adored...we respect our OWN BOUNDARIES through Self-Adoration (Thank you, Quan Yin....Goddess of Mercy...Celestial Advocate of Divine Love for Self, Self-Passion and Self-Respect......


"Our Boundaries are Golden Light Porous...what man-made concrete entity seeks to block..and make finite our Capacity... the Sky is The Limit...take the Celestial Portal to Infinity.....Source

🌟 to hold without can Hold this Space and re-enter anytime.... for this Healing is Recorded in the Book of Life.......


...throughout our lives....let us be enamoured and impressed by the work of Rahanni Light acting as a conduit to Divine Love...the God of our Creative........

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